What size Ball Mount do I need?
Step 1:
Measure from the ground to the top of the hitch.

Step 2:
Level trailer, then measure from the ground to the top of the trailer coupler.


Step 3:
Subtract the height of the hitch ball (most are 2-1/2" to 3" high) from Step 2. The example would be 18" minus 3" = 15".

Step 4:
The difference between Step 1 and Step 3 would be the "Drop" or "Rise" that is needed for your Towing System. The example would be a result of 8" (23" minus 15") Drop is required. If you do not have a trailer to measure with standard ball height is 15" to base of ball mount or 18" to the top of the ball.

Ball Mounts By Class
Ball Mounts
Tongue Weight Maximum/ Gross Trailer Weight Maximum
Class One - 1/4"
TW: 200 lbs
GTW: 2000 lbs
Class Two - 1/4"
TW: 300 lbs
GTW 3500 lbs
2" Receiver
Up to 15,000 lbs
2 1/2" Receiver
20,000 lbs

Ball Mounts by Manufacturer

Trailer Balls
There are normally three different size of trailer balls

Max Load
1 7/8" Used for lighter applications such as tent trailers 3500 lbs (with 1" Shank)
2" Most common standard ball size 7500 lbs (with 1" Shank)
2 5/16" Heavy Duty used for large trailers 30000 lbs (with 1 1/4" Shank)


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