Do I Need An Equalizer?

* Recommended for vehicles towing weights in excess of 5000 lbs.
* Removes weight from rear axle and distributes across all axles of vehicle and trailer

Benefits of Weight Distributing

* level load
* better braking
* better handling
* less strain on vehicle
* greater towing capacity

Provides better control of your vehicle and trailer by applying leverage across the trailer tongue and tow vehicle for heavier loads to be distributed more evenly on the trailer wheels and tow vehicle. This even distribution allows for a more stable ride and better control for braking and steering.

Make sure to have the correct LENGTH, RISE and DROP required when selecting the proper shank for your weight distribution hitch. Use the diagram to the right to help you.

Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch
  • Heavy duty round bar style and weight distribution hitches
  • Heavy duty adjustable formed head
  • 2” x 2” adjustable hitch bar
  • Forged solid steel spring bars
  • Hook up brackets
  • Durable powder coat finish resists rust & corrosion
  • Not to be used with surge brake systems

TRUNNION BAR - Weight Distribution Hitch

Sway Control
  • Reduces the lateral movements of the trailer caused by the wind


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